Masts, Bowsprit, Anchors, Oh My!

In the fall, we removed the masts and bowsprit so that we could get at the deck up forward and replace deck planks and any deck beams that needed tending.  While we were at it, we also removed the anchors and three out of the four spars.  Now that the winter deck project is complete, it was time to put all of those sticks back in place so we could look like a schooner again.

Early yesterday morning, we set out to North End Shipyard where the masts and spars were stored. With the help of a masterful crane operator, we had everything back in place by lunch time.  What a difference a couple of hours make!


Early morning pow wow with Capt. before leaving the dock. (Yes, that’s Justin making a guest appearance for the morning!)  We lured him with Willow Street doughnuts.


Our crane operator extraordinaire.


What’s missing from this schooner picture? Why masts and a bowsprit, of course.


Guiding the foremast into place.


All stop for a second to check everything out and then lower away. As tradition goes, we placed a silver dollar under the mast for good luck.


Main mast goes next.


Over she comes.


Almost there!

Down easy, slow and steady.

Down easy, slow and steady.


Now to get the shrouds laced up…


Go teamwork!

What do you do when the lift line gets caught on the mast collar? Why send a Justin up the ratlins to free it of course.

What do you do when the lift line gets caught on the mast collar? Why send a Justin up the ratlins to free it, of course.


Hold on tight! And clip in too, please.


The bowsprit and the anchors were the last to go on and before the tide got too low to stay in this spot, we were back to our home berth looking a whole lot more like ourselves.

Happy to have the ole’ girl back together in one piece.

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  • Leigh Dudenhoeffer
    May 6, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Simply awesome!


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