Easy Turkey Meals – Happy Thanksgiving to ALL

The house is filled with the hum of conversation and bursts of laughter in the family room, the windows are a little steamy in the corners and kitchen is filled to bursting with food preparation and the smells of dishes that haven’t been enjoyed since last Thanksgiving.  I stop for a moment in my whisking and soak in the sounds of my family ensconced in a day together, connecting, reminiscing and sharing – a meal, time, space – together.

This is the day I look forward to having next week and I wish the same for you all.  Over the years I’ve posted many recipes that might be helpful on Thanksgiving Day – Turkey Confit is perfect for a smaller gathering, as is Turkey Galantine (a breast rolled and stuffed), Turkey Stock is a helpful recipe after the main event and Breaking Down a Whole Turkey is a skill that every cook could have up their sleeve.  I hope that one or more of these recipes helps in bringing you and yours together over good food and a table burgeoning with care.


Be well, my friends, and grateful for it all,

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