Cranberries – The Colorful Family Member

Cranberries are sometimes one of the few things that bring bright color to an otherwise fairly brown meal – Thanksgiving. Think about it – brown turkey, stuffing, potatoes, roasted vegetable (yes a little color but not much) and the gravy.  Maybe green beans, but if you are like most people and do the cream of mushroom soup with the topping – then we are back to brown.

Good thing that making your own sauce is not hard.  My recipe for Cumberland Sauce which ran in the paper today, can actually be served cold as a jelly or warm as a sauce.  I like it either way.  The Cranberry Syrup is one I posted about last year and still love on my french toast.  I’ve also used it as a sauce on pound cake, drizzled on top of yogurt with some walnuts and spread on whole wheat toast for breakfast.  The link expires within 30 days so be sure to click over soon to snag the recipes.

The other recipes in the column are: Turkey Confit, Turkey Galantine, and Turkey Stock

Cranberries go into the pot.

Juice from the oranges – who needs a reamer anyway when you’ve got fingers?

Bring to a boil until the cranberries burst and then to a simmer for 10 minutes.

Smash with a potato masher and serve hot or cold.   Don’t forget to remove the bay leaf and if the whole peppercorns bug you, then put them into a little cheese cloth bag before they go into the pot.

A little color never hurt anyone!

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