In Defense of Food – Michael Pollen and Other Favorite Writers

On our weekend in Boston, I discovered the bookshelves of Emily, friend and author of Too Many Cooks: Kitchen Adventures with 1 Mom, 4 Kids, 102 New Recipes ~ A Memoir of Tasting, Testing, and Discovery in the Kitchen. She was kind enough to humor me when one book turned to a few and then turned into this stack of heaven.

I find it a little depressing and a lot exciting that I’ve not read all of the these books.  How is that possible with as much reading as I do?  I any event, it’s everything I can do to sit and my desk and write instead of rationalize my way to the couch with two or three of them to start.  The thoughts in my head travel the route of, “Reading about cooking and food is research.”  And, “Even accomplished professionals should require themselves to discover the new and interesting about their given occupation.  I’m an accomplished professional.  I push my self to discover the new and interesting.”  The couch is getting closer ….

In literary heaven.  Thanks, Emily!

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