Sugar the Cow Had Her Calf!

Christine, the woman who supplies two gallons of dairy to our family all winter long, walked out to the barn this morning to milk Maggie and to check on Sugar and Wink.  See this previous post on our visit to the barn to meet everyone.  Sugar has been pregnant all winter and this morning, Christine was greeted by a new set of small eyes staring up at her through the frosty breath of a cold, Maine morning! 

Maggie is not pregnant and has been the only one producing milk for the winter.  That will change dramatically now as Sugar is a good milk producer to begin with and will have plenty of milk for her calf and several new customers for Christine.  A road trip down to Waldoboro is definitely in order so that we can meet the new little one.


Maggie, Sugar and her calf from left to right.


The new little one.

Everyone in the family except Jon said, "Aaawwwhh."

Photo credit Christine Baker

© 2009 Anne Mahle

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