Top Twelve Ways to Cook Well in a Small Kitchen

People are always asking how I can cook for thirty people, on a boat, essentially outside, on and in a woodstove, at a heal (meaning angle for those of you who don’t sail) in SUCH a tiny space.  One, I love it and when you bring your whole self to something, the downsides melt away.  Two, I’ve become very organized and clever about how I use my space.  Here are my top space saving techniques I use every day in my galley (kitchen, again for those of you who don’t sail).

A friend and writer of Delicious Musings wrote about her thoughts on saving space in the kitchen and included some of mine.

  1. Organization is the key to small space cooking – focus on one recipe and it’s ingredients at a time. At the same time, when ingredients are called for in several recipes, do all of these recipes in succession.
  2. Place a cutting board on top of the sink to create more counter space.
  3. Use the sink or corners of the sink (if it’s stainless) to place hot pots temporarily.
  4. Stack – bowls of prepared ingredients that are waiting to be used and roasting pans that are cooling.
  5. Use table space for counter space.
  6. Clear the counter of all equipment you are not using.
  7. Clean as you go and reuse the same bowl rather than two or three consecutively.
  8. Challenge yourself to use fewer dishes per recipe.
  9. Only buy what you’ll use within a short period of time.
  10. Take advantage of when the oven is already on and bake or roast more than one thing at a time.
  11. Before going to the grocery store, make sure you really need to go – could you put off going one or two more days by using up what is in the refrigerator or pantry.
  12. Finish one thing before beginning another.

Don’t let space be the reason you forgo making fantastic, healthy food for yourself

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