Bringing Rosemary Indoors

The rosemary plants are safely in the house, tucked snugly in their terra cotta pots.  The piney scent of them is still all over my hands and is wafting around me as I type.  Rebecca, our onsite gardener, helped me pull the plants in before the weather got too cold because this time of year its WAY to busy for me to get to.  Soon we’ll be off the boat and home and then I’ll be thankful for my good smelling herbs.

When I bring the plants indoors, I find pots that will accommodate their root balls which are usually about as wide as their foliage.  I then plant them in potting soil and water them immediately.  They come indoors at night for the first few nights and then in for good on a night that will be a hard frost.

Bringing rosemary plants in for the winter is tricky business and I’m really proud to say that these plants are now 6 years old!  Trial, error and observation have been my best teacher.  Rosemary doesn’t seem to like to get dried out, although I’ve never understood why as they are a traditional, Mediterranean plant.   Not that they love to have their “feet wet” but that their large root system can’t handle drying out in the slightest.  I often will water them in the shower, allowing the foliage to get a good drink as well under a steady spray of warm (not hot) water.  The shower always smells fantastic afterward.

Lamb chops with rosemary – here we come!

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