Bentwood Frame

Bentwood Bentwood fences and arbors are easy to make.  Especially when you have as many trees on your property as we do.  There are general guidelines for wood that is better to use in certain applications, but like many things I do, I just create using what I have on hand.

This frame will become the entrance to the vegetable garden.  The limbs came from a tree in the backyard that needed pruning.  After laying out the two straightest branches parallel to each other, I started shaping them by pounding in stakes to secure everything.  Once the curve at the top is shaped, I then tie everything together with some strong wire or twine. 

I’ve found through trial and error that it’s necessary to use green wood that has just been cut.  Even bending wood an hour or two later increases your chances that it will break rather than bend.

If you are looking for more information, the best source I found when I was learning is a book by Jim Long called Making Bentwood Trellis, Arbors, Gates and Fences.

The potatoes need planting so I think I’ll go do that next.

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