Ed the Former Monk has a Cookbook

Who knew?  Turns out "Ed the Former Monk" mentioned in a former post on Cheesy Garlic Bread is actually Edward Espe Brown and he has a cookbook and an interesting story.  Diane, a reader of my PPH column let me know that he is the author of the Tassajara Bread Book among others.  He was a monk, stopped being a monk and then opened a wonderful bakery and restaurant in San Francisco.  The whole story is in his bread book apparently, which I have now read.  Then, I realized that he has a connection to Wendy Johnson, whom I also posted about earlier and who wrote Gardening at the Dragon's Gate. Connected, we are all so connected.

This is exactly why, when you create a recipe or pass one on, you give credit.  It never hurts you, to give credit to someone else for their part in your work.  It doesn't diminish your creativity one bit and it keeps the history of the recipe alive. 


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