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Maine Knitting Cruises


All of our trips are excellent and my favorite is always the one we are currently on.  However, our most recent knitting cruise was memorable for a number of reasons:

– The youngest knitter so far – 12 years old

– The most number of men knitting (including one who was 16 years old).  Does 16 count as ‘man’?  Not really probably, but any way he was at the knitting just like everyone else.

– The most new knitters (some came on board not planning on knitting and some were beginners who booked with the express purpose of beginning a new hobby)

– Somewhere it must be said we had the most number of “tinked” projects (things that had to be ripped out and started again), but hey, lots of beginners ups that ante and there was no shortage of laughter and camaraderie in the process.

– Maine’s fastest knitter was with us and knitting her heart out.

Thank you, as always, to the fabulous Bill Huntington for his knowledge, humor and gift of the craft of life through knitting.  We are looking forward to seeing you again in July.


Our next knitting cruise still has space!   Mim Bird, knitting Queen, will be on board to for the newest to the most experienced of knitters.  If you aren’t a knitter, come join us for a short sail anyway, knitters are a fun bunch to share time with.


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