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Windjammer Film: the Maine Windjammer Fleet and the Riggin Rebuild

As many of your may know, Jon and I plan to lead a rebuild of the J. & E. Riggin, a National Historic Landmark, next winter.  For those of you who don’t know, owning, or as we sometimes say, stewarding, one of these National Historic Landmarks is a way of life and a labor of love.  While they may seem like catch phrases, I can assure you, they aren’t.

The planning stages of the project are underway so to speak and the physical work will begin at the end of September just as quickly as we can get all of the removable parts like sails, mattresses, deck boxes, everything galley related and anything else that we can hoist off the boat and into the barn.

Andy Seestedt, a former crewmember (really an alum, having graduated from the School of Riggin), will be producing an independent film about the unique community of windjammers of which we are apart, the wealth of knowledge and history that lives in these windjammer captains and owners and the one-of-a-kind lifestyles we all choose by becoming stewards of these grand vessels.  The Riggin’s comprehensive restoration will be the lens through which the broader story is told.

Andy has been up from NYC to film a couple of times and his visits will increase in frequency until he’s camped out in Rockland for the fall/winter.

Andy and Capt. Jon

Riggin hauled out at North End Shipyard.

The silly Capt. and Andy

Like all independent projects, funding can be crucial.  Both the rebuild and the film fall into this category.  If you are moved by either story and would like more information or to donate to either project visit Windjammer Film or Association for Maritime Preservation.

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