Honey – It’s Coming!

We are lucky, both of our hives survive this year and we have enough honey to take us into the sailing season with room to spare until we can harvest again.  One hive has already been split with another split in mind for the second hive.  Our tea tray will be stocked all summer long with the amber liquid that was gifted to us last year.

Before we were on the water and a smoothie was part of my breakfast, I’d drizzle a bit of honey into my blender.  Now, it’s drizzled on whole fruit and in my morning yogurt.

Small, useful gifts such as this are the ones I actually treasure the most.  For example, the pot holders that my daughters have made over the years.  Each time I use them, and I use them often, I think of them.  Just for a moment, but that moment is a soft, sweet thing.

As I was thinking of the bees, I found these photos of our last harvest and thought I’d share them in a quick slide show.

Definitely To Bees, Instead of Not to Bees

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