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Upcycling a Sweater – Ella’s Homemade Gift

Lest you think I am not a 100% fair and equitable mom, I post here the sweater I made for Ella’s birthday. Hers started with a browse through Salvy’s. I spotted the sweater from across two isles knowing it was the perfect color for my more finicky daughter and practically lunged for it. I may have elbowed someone out of the way. I hope not, but my memory is somewhat fuzzy due to a small adrenaline rush.

I’ve knitted several sweaters and pairs of socks for both girls. Chloe wears them, Ella stores them. Hers are too itchy, too tight, too big, not the right color, too little girlish, etc. I continue to make things for her because I want her to be “wrapped in mama love,” as we call it whether she wears the clothes or not, and I’m secretly hoping to impart a little flexibility into that oh, so determined mind.  I have, however, pared down the time it takes for me to execute her projects. While I’d just found the perfect color of yarn with which to knit a sweater, I, understandably, was loathe to spend hours on something she may or may not really like in the end.

This sweater was a women’s small cardigan with the usual button up the front from bottom to top. WAY too big for Ella, but by moving the buttons and making the sweater double breasted, it worked. The back was the best place to “cinch it up,” hence the shoulder to bottom seams.  The sleeve width needed adjusting too, but that was a simple one.  I then embroidered the vertical PEACE and peace symbol. Turns out, she loves this one. Score a point or two for the mama person!

Having a good mama day

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