Green! Its Green!

Radishes, spinach and lettuce seeds are all happily sprouting on the window sill in the kitchen where I can water them, love on them, enjoy them and talk to them.  The ground is still mostly covered with snow.  The skies are often gray but oddly bright with frequent white fluffy flakes drifting down.  And inside, green is growing.

spinach seedlings



I’ll use them as micro greens and will probably transfer many of them as starts into the mini-greenhouse out back.  As often happens, you can see the spinach seedlings are reaching for more light (I understand perfectly.)  All will need either to be trimmed or relocated to help them along, but for now, it’s a hopeful, happy symbol to have as I cook along in the kitchen.

The mini-greenhouse is now all set.  The plastic has been laid and three bags on potting soil added.  When I was out a couple of days ago to wipe snow off of the windows, the temperature was about 40 degrees under the glass.  A few hours later, when I returned to collect eggs from the hens, the temperature had risen to 60 degrees, even without much sun.  I’m still fascinated by how this works – simple science, I know.  I’ve set the plastic up so that its both a layer on the bottom and a extra layer on the top for those colder nights that are sure to still come.  Again, lettuce, spinach, radishes and the like will all go into the soil and hopefully by next week I’ll be reporting on their progress.

Growing Micro-Greens

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