Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate

51ur4v9za3l_sl500_aa240_ Reading this book is like going through the ritual of making a cup of tea for yourself on a quiet afternoon.  You look forward to it while the water is boiling, set up your little space in the sunny window seat, use the one good china cup you own (with the saucer), select one cookie (okay, maybe two, but that’s all) and finally sit down to enjoy the steam and fragrance of the tea (and your cookies, of course.)

Wendy Johnson writes about gardening with such passion and realism.  She’s at once poetic and practical.  I have loved every minute spent with this book. 

Unfortunately, I borrowed it from the library through the inter-library system.  It’s now WAY overdue and I’ll need to pony up my fine/donation and then still purchase it for myself because I can see wanting to spend more time with this book during other tea times.

Dreaming of the Summer Garden

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