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This new restaurant, Comida Latin Kitchen, is squeezed into a sliver of a space just like a few others in Camden (or New York City).  It’s colorful, cozy, Latin-themed and lovely.  There are smart banquets lined with turquoise and white pillows that brighten beautifully the room along with the melon and white painted walls.  The decor is simple and dotted with a few Latin pieces of art and posters.   The decor is simple, bright and light and topped off with a beautiful copper-topped bar that caps one end of the room.

La Comida in Camden Maine

Copper-topped bar in La Comida Camden Maine

The menu is inspired by Cuban, Costa Rican and Puerto Rican climes and is literally peppered with guajillo, new Mexican, jalapeno, ancho and other chilies – dried and fresh.  But don’t fear, just because Latin food uses these deep, rich, full flavors as accents and main thrusts, doesn’t mean over the top spicy (if you are the sort that worries about this).  The menu is well-balanced with some heat, bright lime flavors, deep chocolate, cilantro, passion fruit, guava and tomatillos.

Chicken Mole

Chloe and I spent our Valentine’s Day together and shared, like we always do, all of our dishes.  Mine was a Chicken Mole, a tomato and dried pepper-based sauce with deep chocolate accents that don’t tend toward sweet.  Delish.  Chloe’s meal was a Flat Iron Steak with Guajillo Potato Hash and a Chimichurri Sauce.  The combination of the full-flavored flat iron cut, the crispy potato hash and the bright cilantro, tomatillo and lime chimichurri was well-balanced and diverse.  Our appetizer, a Brussels sprout slaw with lime, Manchengo cheese and pepitas was again a well-balanced, light salad starter rounded by the nutty Manchego and the roasted cumin pepitas.

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