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Food in Portland, Oregon

Even though I posted about Portland, Oregon when I first arrived back in Maine, I didn’t have space to mention the FOOD.  Clearly, more needs to be written.

For starters, we stayed at a hip hotel called The Ace Hotel, in a reclaimed building with all of the architectural details one might expect from an old property – high ceilings, elaborate moldings and refurbished tile and wood flooring.   The company has properties in Seattle, NYC, and Palm Springs and at each of their locations, upcycling and recycling are part of the package.  For example, the trash can in our bathroom was a recycled paint can and the fabric covering the bed bolster either reclaimed (or made to look reclaimed, I’m not sure).

There is a communal and democratic feel to the place that reminds me very much of our summers on the Riggin.  The community spaces aren’t forced, but available to everyone.  All of the spaces are comfortable without being luxurious, artificial or plush.  Everyone who books has a choice to share a bathroom and sleep in bunk beds or upgrade to increased levels of privacy.  Of course, on the boat we don’t have the space for those options, but the collective feel is similar.

And while we came and went from the Ace, we ventured to and fro and covered much culinary ground in three days.  All of the restaurants listed are ones I would recommend:  Vindalho, Pourque No?, Clyde Common, Stumptown Coffee, Bijou Café, Whiskey Soda Lounge/ Pok Pok Ping, Jakes for oysters, Abby’s food cart, Random Order Coffeehouse, Voodoo Doughnuts.

Breakfast from Bijou Cafe.  And then I ate what Sharon didn’t.

Tacos from Pourque No?  I’ll be craving these for a while.

Vat of vegan doughnuts at Voodoo for $5.

Filled with food ideas…

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