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Lobster Bake Lady Slipper

There are 3,000 islands off the coast of Maine, however, not all of them are suited for low tide landings.  One that we love no matter what the tide, is in Merchant’s Row off of Stonington, Deer Ilse. It’s a small island, but with two beaches that allow for a leeward fire (in our fire pan) whether or not the wind is on the North or South side of the island.

Every time we explore this island, I ‘discover’ a different species of flora.  Every time.  This is the second year in a row that we’ve found a lone, regal Lady Slipper nestled in the woods with all of us snapping photos of it’s five blooms.  One more than last year.  The soft pink of the blooms are a shock amidst the green of the moss and low-lying foliage and such a delightful discovery.  Thank you to every camper who spends time on this island and only observes and makes photos of her, but doesn’t pick or dig.  Now, that’s good camping manners.


View of the ocean from the center of the island.


Her Lady’s Slipper with 5 blooms.

Happy to be out on the bay.

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