The Sounds of My Kitchen

Usually I’m writing about the smells of my kitchen – the yeasty, homey waft of freshly baked bread or the rich, sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven.

Rarely do I write about the sounds, but I have cause to think about that today.  Sounds in a kitchen are usually more subtle such as the popping and crackling of rice on the bottom of a paella pan when the sacarrat forms or the lack of sound in my wood stove on the boat when I need to add more wood or the sound of water just coming to a boil and ready for the addition of pasta.

These, however, were not the sounds I heard today.  Instead it was …

Mark that with your pencil.

I don’t have a pencil.

WHAT!  What kind of carpenter are you.  No pencil.  You show up to work, no pencil, no hammer, no…  and what’s the deal with you framing my flashlight into the wall?

I didn’t leave it there; YOU did.

arrgh, grrr, gimme the framing square

MY husband  and our friend bickering away while installing my new restaurant stove which required knocking out the wall around the chimney, moving the electrical outlet and cutting a hole in the side of the house for the vent.  And if you’ve ever met him then you know how shocking it is to hear him bickering, but home improvement projects will do that to a man.

The new stove is getting closer.  Oh, and I’ve solved the problem of the stove fitting through the doorway.  No worries.  Let’s just knock a hole in the kitchen wall large enough to fit the stove and replace it with a breakfast nook.  Guess who vetoed that idea?

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