Maine Shrimp with Chipotle Chili and Pumpkin Seeds

A new column ran in PPH today on one of the cheapest and yummiest forms of protein in Maine, Maine shrimp.  One of the comments that came by email is below.  My response too.

Like the sound of  your Maine shrimp recipe on Portland Press Herald today,2/24/10. But do I leave the shells on having discarded the head? Seems a bit messy with all that nice sauce on them. Please advise.

I do tend to leave the shells on because I notice they don’t get so watery.  You could take the shells off and just go really carefully with the amount of time you cook them.  I personally don’t mind the rusticity of the dish with the shells on, but then I like to play with my food!

ME TOO- so I will leave them on!

Its been so warm here that I’m thinking of the garden often now

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