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Name change, but still the same

The urge for organization and simplification usually comes in January, but we got the bug early.  For at least two years, the discussions around the At Home, At Sea website (for my cookbook At Home, At Sea:  Recipes from the Maine Windjammer J. & E. Riggin) have gone round and round.  Mostly focusing on how we should really do something with it … and then we’d move on to other things.  It was one of those conversations that never really had a conclusion.

With a few recent changes that have happened within the office, the solution all of a sudden became clear to us.  At Home, At Sea should become Artichokes and Asparagus and the website focused on the cookbook should cease.  Yes, one LESS thing on the plate.  Usually when Elizabeth and I have an idea, it requires MORE not LESS work!  But we’ve started a new trend … Good ideas with LESS work.  Love it.

When the blog, Artichokes and Asparagus (my two favorite vegetables) was first born, there were reasons to keep it only food focused, but now that things have shifted some, the blog will shift too.  But only a little.  It will still be food focused and written by me, but will have more stories about cooking on the boat, being a mom and business owner of a Maine windjammer and all the flavor-filled, funny, finest-kind things that happen amidst that life.  Our companion blog Broad Reach will become more sailing and boat project focused as it was when we were working on the rebuild of the bow two winters ago.

Changes are fun

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