Maine Ingredient – Holiday Appetizers

Every week on the Riggin, we do some sort of tasting for one of our appetizers.  It’s fun, educational, elegant and not that much work.  All perfect reasons to have a tasting be part of your holiday appetizer repertoire.

This week’s column is all about how to do tastings.  The traditional, formal way is to have it be blind and then reveal the labels after everyone has tasted.  I rarely do that because it feels too stiff to me.  Also, it’s typical to have a plain vehicle on which to serve your tasting – baguette, small fresh mozarella balls, cucumbers, radishes – you get the idea.

What you are not supposed to do, if you are going the traditional route, which, big surprise, I rarely do, is serve anything else with the tasting items so as not to confuse the flavor.  I, on the other hand, think this is part of the fun.  When, in cooking, do you have one, single ingredient?  Our ingredients are almost always combined with something else.  Hence adding flavor.  My mantra.

I also, included recipes of funky deviled eggs.  A little bit of a non sequitor with the tasting subject, I know, but when taken under the heading “Easy Holiday Appetizers” it works.

How to conduct fun tastings
Chipotle and Lime Deviled Eggs
Dill and Relish Deviled Eggs
Horseradish and Black Pepper Deviled Eggs

A toast to holidays filled with laughter and fun

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