Seeds Came Today!

My stash of seeds from previous years is fairly large and while the germination of the seeds is reduced over time, they still do fairly well.  The new seeds, ordered from Seed Savers Exchange and John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds came today.  The excitement and eagerness that comes from tiny packets of seeds on a gray, wet day is familiar to gardeners who pour over catalogs dreaming of a garden filled with fresh, bright, healthy plants.  It always comes as somewhat of a surprise to me when I am, yet again, over the top excited about tiny specks, balls and flecks.  But when I see the seeds, I'm immediately transported into a future garden filled with strong, healthy plants that give and give.

John Scheepers had artichokes, which I've always wanted to grow.  The Seed Savers Exchange mailer was fuller as they had varieties of tomatoes, peppers and greens that were written about in the Arrows Restaurant CookbookArrows is a restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine which has been growing its own produce for years.  They are about two hours south of us, and I figured if a cold climate variety worked for them, it should probably grow well for us too.

Waiting for seeds to become seedlings

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