Farmers Fare

A new endeavor, called Farmers Fare, was just released this week in Rockport, Maine.  Farmers Fare will be a local center for sustainable agriculture, producers and chefs.  They plan to be open by late summer 2009.  Here is an excerpt from their open letter to the community. 

There are no accidents. Farmers Fare is coming to life just at the time it is needed. We at Farmers Fare believe in bringing people together to share food, stories, knowledge and information. We believe in having fun as we work. In seniors helping juniors. We believe in supporting our local farmers by buying the food they grow and selling it, thereby keeping our farmers on their farms and our community members healthy and satisfied. We believe we ought to know where our food comes from and feel connected to the land around us; that food should nourish the soul and mind as well as the body. We believe in supporting our local artisans, artists and musicians.

Loving local landscapes and community endeavors

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