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Lobster Questions

A guest on our Maine windjammer just emailed with questions about shipping lobsters and she can't be the only one who is wondering.  You don't have to worry if you just can't handle dealing with live lobsters.  You can buy both soft or hard
shell lobster already cooked and in fact, that's the only way soft shells are shipped.  The difference between soft and hard shell is that the soft shells
are easier to get into and they have less meat per lobster and therefore they
are less expensive.  I also think the meat is sweeter, but some would argue.  You don't eat the shells of either, but the shells of both
are great for stock, as in lobster bisque.  You cannot buy lobster meat already
picked unless it's cooked as lobster MUST be cooked live or immediately after being live (trying to avoid the "dead" word here) for food safety

Wondering who will have lobster for Thanksgiving rather than turkey…

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