Writing A Cookbook

I spend the better part of my days writing and yet I am only just beginning to think of myself as a writer.  Two years of writing a weekly food column, one cookbook, many articles and a year of blogging and you’d think a person might get a clue.  I’m getting there. 

A new cookbook has been writing itself in my head for a long time now.  And by long time I mean about a year.  The recipes have been churning out at a rapid rate – mostly because I just can’t turn the tap off.  And yet, it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually sat down in the chair, placed my hands on the keyboard and started typing the new book. 

A part of me worried that I was just kidding myself and really, there wasn’t another cookbook in there.  But the bigger part of me knew that when the time was right, the words would come.  And they’ve started.  What a relief to know the smaller part of me was wrong.

Clicking away at the keyboard

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