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A Malou Woobie – The Coziest Scarf on the Planet

A Malou Woobie

This scarf is the softest thing I own and I am, more often than not, wrapped up in it’s cozy warmth.  I made one for Chloe’s birthday a number of years ago and borrowed it so often that she decided to return the favor (or get her scarf back) and made one for me in the same yarn.  This is actually called a woobie, and the name is accurate.  Malou Woobie is made with Malou bulky alpaca from Lang Yarn in 0025 navy.

Cozy time!

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  • Janet Hughes
    April 1, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Love the Woobie !!! I have thought about Chloe many times during this year as she began her studies at Allegheny. I am a Gator also, only from a few states further South. I am just finishing a Woobie type cowl that will probably accompany me in June….See you soon !!


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