Maine Adventures at Home

Many of our friends and family are off to warmer climes this week while we stay home.  The wanderer in me is pining for an adventure of our own, AND I know that there are plenty of adventures to be had right here in Maine.  This moment of someone leaving the state to travel and explore is always a moment when I can either choose to pine for what is not, or turn my gaze to appreciate what is.

“What is” is that the sun is bright, the sky is clear and by 10 a.m. this morning I’d already been for a long cross country ski with a friend.  “What is” is that as I write, Ella is making her first cake all by herself (with dozens of questions for me filled with both uncertainty and excitement).  “What is” is that last night we all easily agreed on the same movie and we found ourselves piled in the same place on the settee attempting to be under one blanket while we watched.  “What is” is that even though we aren’t traveling out of the Maine this week, I know we’ll find our own adventures.  “What is” is that I truly love living in this state and staying home, being cozy and relaxed, reading and sipping tea, skiing and snow shoeing has a romance all it’s own.  Suddenly, I’ve talked myself into loving staying home.

Ella's first cake

Ella’s first cake

As it turns out, not two minutes after typing the above about “adventures and such” the oven door slammed open and wouldn’t stay shut.  The spring had broken and Jon is now, as we speak, off to the hardware store for a replacement.  See?  Adventure!

oven door smaller

Or this is more like it!

girlies smaller

Appreciating “What is”


  • Harold Hoffman
    February 18, 2014 at 1:20 am

    Okay, so what is the flavor of the cake? I trust it turned out well and the hardware store had a suitable spring for the stove. Glad you are enjoying the Maine winter. We have escaped the Ohio winter and are enjoying the outdoors, including lots of sailing of our Marshall Sandpiper in the sun and warmth. Life is good!

  • Annie Mahle
    February 18, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Cake – Yellow with almond and vanilla extract.
    Spring – Already installed.
    Life – Yes, it is good!


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