Mother’s Day Gift

The things that I use everyday that give me a moment’s pleasure are some of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  When the kitchen faucet handle came off in Jon’s hand the other day and I turned to see what his sound of ‘uh, oh’ was all about, I almost jumped up and down.  Being a frugal girl, there wasn’t any way that I would have pushed to replace the faucet, functional but tired, mostly working but not perfectly, until it really died.  When it died, however, I felt free to get jump-up-and-down excited.  The new faucet is a thing of beauty.  I turn it off and on what must be at least 20 times per day on a day I’m only heating up leftovers.  On the days I’m testing recipes?  I have even more good, just a blink moments of, “dang, I love this faucet.”

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The new tomato green house is another one of those gifts, given to me by my family for Mother’s Day.  What clinches it for me as a top ten gift is that we all spent time in the garden working on it together.  When I walk through the framed in door for the first time to plant my tomatoes, I’ll think of them, if only for a second.  When I walk in again, the second time, same thing, if only for a second.  I love them for giving me this memory everytime I’ll stoop to weed the tomatoes or string a vine up a line or pick a fully ripe and warm tomato from it’s stem.


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