Maine Lobster Bake part 2 – S’Mores

The next important step for your backyard lobster bake is dessert. Once everyone has had their fill of lobster, the watermelon is sliced and the makings for S'mores are laid out. There's always a lively discussion over how to make the best S'more, and the proper way to roast a marshmallow.

We've tried these on the propane burner before and wouldn't you know, it's just not the same. Give it a miss unless you've got a campfire.

1/2 Hershey bar
1 full graham cracker, broken in half
2 marshmallows
Place the Hershey bar on top of one of the halves of graham cracker and move it close to the fire so the chocolate can get warm.

Place two marshmallows on a metal roasting stick (not driftwood) and slowly turn it over the hot coals until it becomes golden brown. It's important to take your time here as the impatient folks end up with a burnt marshmallow. Some poor souls actually like them this way – go figure.

Makes 1

Anne Mahle
Slowly roasting marshmallows

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