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Maine Vacation On A Budget

Maybe some vacations are out of reach this year – perhaps the guided safari trip to Africa or the high-end wine tour of Europe will have to wait (although, don't wait too long, life's too short.)  But that doesn't mean a vacation is completely out, because I'm guessing it's a sure thing that the need for a vacation hasn't diminished in the slightest.  This just means you need to look for a value-based, budget-conscious vacation. 


This could be you – hangin' out on the bowsprit while a 120 foot schooner is underway.

We just happen to have a suggestion.  This post actually comes from a conversation had last night with a repeat guest who opined that she always felt that a JERWordWed

Or maybe this is more your speed?

In addition, the view is incredible, the experience once-in-a-lifetime, the details completely taken care of, the people friends for life, the food outstanding and the value – priceless. 


Come play with us – you deserve it!

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