The Maine Ingredient

PreservedLemons In Maine eating local is easy to do in the summer and fall when everything is growing, green, and fresh. In the winter, its a little harder as the farmers markets are not prolific alongside the roads but rather inside and everything is asleep for the long cold season. This week in The Maine Ingredient I write about how you may not be able to buy all your vegetables and fruit from a local farmer, but you can still choose to eat what is in season. Included is a recipe for Pan-Fried Snapper with Red Onion, Preserved Lemon and Kale.

When I first started writing for our Maine Windjammer blog I posted about passengers that were cutting down their Meyer lemon tree and shared some of my favorite Meyer lemon recipes including: Preserved Meyer Lemons;Radicchio, Bacon, Olive, and Preserved Lemon Salad; Clam Sauce with Basil and Fennel; Chicken Breasts with Gorgonzola, Black Olives and Preserved Lemons; and a Lemon Mango Sorbet.

Loving preserved lemons

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