Super Bowl XLIII – What’s on your menu?

Super Bowl Sunday has practically become a national holiday – only better.  It is remarkably free of all the stress of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and one where we hang with family and friends and eat low-key, but really good food.  It’s all about good snacks as far as I’m concerned.  Beer and sodas are the beverages of the day and there’s no setting of an elaborate table required.  Even if you aren’t a football fan, it’s easy to get roped into the fun of it.  While I certainly would not qualify as a fan at this stage, I did grow up in a football household, so I understand the rules of the game and can yell at the referees and players with the best of them.  The beauty of Super Bowl Sunday is that one doesn’t even need to know what’s going on with the game or the teams to enjoy a day with friends; you just need the snacks, thank you very much. 

This is evidenced by the facts of the following story, one that will seem like sacrilege to some.  Some friends and I were talking about getting together for the event and I had to ask her who was playing – and then I had to ask whom the Cardinals were.  But I know the Steelers – at least I’m half informed…she asked me to do a little research before the game so I didn’t look like such a ditz to the rest of her friends.

Should you not be into football, grunting, testosterone, competition, this tapas menu will all make for great weeknight fare.  They ran on Wednesday in the Portland Press Herald Column.

Looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend

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